Pension > SPD > Plan Termination Rules


While the Trustees presently intend to continue the Plan indefinitely, the Trustees reserve the right to amend or terminate it in whole or in part, at any time. The Plan may be amended so that future benefit accruals (if any) may be different from those that previously applied. If the Plan terminates, it will not affect your right to any benefit to which you have already become entitled. In addition, if the Plan terminates, you will become 100% vested in any benefit you have earned to the extent that funds are available in the Trust.

Plan assets will be allocated to benefit categories in a particular order. Beginning with the benefit category that has first claim on Plan assets, payment will be made for:

  • benefits held under the Supplementary Portion of the Plan,
  • benefits for pensioners or beneficiaries that are or could be in effect as of the beginning of the three-year period ending with the Plan’s termination,
  • benefits generally guaranteed by the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) (see Termination Insurance),
  • benefits that are nonforfeitable (vested) under the Plan, and
  • all other benefits under the Plan. Assets will be allocated to the foregoing categories sequentially until assets run out.