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Can You Sell, Assign or Pledge Your Right to Benefits?

No. Benefits cannot be sold, assigned or pledged to anyone, nor used as a security for a loan, except in the case of a qualified domestic relations order (a "QDRO") or as otherwise required by law. A copy of the Plan's procedures governing domestic relations order determinations is available to Plan participants and beneficiaries, without charge, from the Fund Office.

Do the Plan Benefits Affect Your Social Security?

No. You are entitled to Social Security benefits independently of any benefits to which you may be entitled from this Plan.

Are There Any Other Limitations on My Benefits?

Participation in the Plan doesn't give you the right to continue your employment with the Company, or the right to benefits except as outlined in the Plan document.

Benefits under the Plan are subject to maximum limitations imposed by the Internal Revenue Code and Regulations.

As a result of the changes mandated by the Pension Protection Act of 2006 ("PPA") in an attempt to ensure stronger plan funding, a pension plan such as ours will become subject to various benefit restrictions in the event that its funding level falls below certain thresholds specified by law. Should our plan's funding status ever decrease to the extent that these restrictions apply, you will be notified and provided with details describing how these restrictions will affect your benefits.