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To All Participants:

We are pleased to present you with this updated description of the ABC-NABET Retirement Trust Plan which incorporates changes made to the Plan as a result of 2013 collective bargaining between ABC, Inc. and NABET-CWA, and legal requirements.

We urge you to read this booklet carefully because it summarizes the most important features of the Plan. Every effort was made to provide this explanation in plain, straightforward English. This booklet, however, is not a substitute for the official Plan document which may be amended from time to time. Any questions arising over your eligibility or benefit amounts will be settled by the Trustees based on the official Plan document.

We suggest that you share this booklet with your family since the Plan provides important survivor protection. We also suggest you keep this booklet for future reference.

The Plan represents significant protection for you and your family, and the Board of Trustees is proud to be involved in the continued operation of this valuable retirement program.

With our best wishes.
Sincerely yours,